10,000 cannabis plants destroyed in bust

Police have destroyed 10,000 cannabis plants following a drug bust in the Bay of Plenty last week.

Four people were arrested as a result of the bust and now face charges of cultivating cannabis. A stolen car was also recovered during the operation.

Acting Bay of Plenty Crime Services manager, Detective Inspector Tim Anderson, said the operation was focused on eradication of cannabis plants, and targeted Western and Eastern Bay of Plenty.

“Targeting those organised crime groups who make a living from the manufacture and distribution of illicit drugs – including cannabis – remains an ongoing focus for Bay of Plenty Police.

“Illicit drugs cause a significant amount of harm in our communities, and cannabis is no different to methamphetamine in that regard,” he said.

Anderson says the impact of cannabis on the local community is wide-reaching and often translates into other crime, like burglary, violence and intimidation.

Police have an obvious role to play in apprehending offenders, but we urgently need the public’s help in order to be able to do our job.

“Now is the time to speak up about drug use, manufacture and distribution that may be seriously affecting the health of your friends and whänau, and the safety of your community,” he said.

Anderson urges anyone with information about drug related offending to call anonymous crime-line Crimestoppers.

“Crimestoppers guarantee to never ask for your name or record your call,” he said.

via : TVNZ

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  1. Mr.Hempy says:

    wow wtf are they talking about marijuana is nothing like meth fuck’n tards they need to hop on the cannabis wagon. lol

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