1,271 Marijuana Plants Seized in Calhoun County, SC

 St. Matthews, SC  – It’s one of the biggest marijuana seizures in Calhoun County–deputies have destroyed more than 1,200 marijuana plants found at a hidden camp site.  If you’re familiar with St. Matthews, you know life moves a little bit slower. The people are a little bit closer. So, it comes as no surprise to most residents that it was actually an anonymous caller who tipped off police to the marijuana growth.  Business owners in the area aren’t surprised either. Behind the counter at St. Matthews Pharmacy is where Mike Quick has spent the last eight years serving the community he cherishes.   “You get the feeling like everybody knows everybody, and they treat you like a neighbor,” said Quick. 

It’s that same community that led deputies to one of the biggest marijuana busts in the area. A concerned phone call led Calhoun County Sheriff’s deputies to a camp site on Hummingbird Road, where they say found the marijuana plants in the woods hidden from sight.  “That’s what community policing is all about–you know, citizens helping us, and us helping the citizens,” said Sheriff Thomas Summers. Summers said the grow set-up had a system to water the plants and ventilate the smell from authorities.   “The had a camp site. They had a clothesline. They had food. They had shelter. They had water. They had Coleman cookers out there, so it was quite an elaborate system,” said Sheriff Summers.  Deputies have gathered all evidence from the site, and the marijuana was burned and destroyed. It’s unclear where the pot would have been transported too. Sheriff Summers hopes the seizure sends a message.

“Not only are we looking, but the citizens are looking. We’re going to find it. We’re going to harvest it, then we’re going to burn it, and destroy it.”   “I think it’s a good thing. I’m glad they found out, and I’m glad it was someone from here that let them know,” Quick said. He pointed out that he lives less than a quarter mile from where the seizure took place. Now, he’s just thankful for the anonymous caller from the community he calls home.   “It won’t affect how I do business, or affect the other folks in the area. We’ll keep on going,” said Quick.  So far, deputies have not made any arrests. Summers said he had never seen an operation like that in Calhoun County. He said he and his deputies have found large amounts of marijuana, but he has never seen anything as elaborate as the set up they found in the woods. Summers added it wasn’t teenagers growing a little pot; instead, he believes it is the work of professional marijuana growers.

via : WLTX

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