343: Halo Wars Could Work On Kinect

While the Halo Wars community may not be the happiest right now, new Halo overlord 343 Industries is not completely abandoning them. According to 343 creative director Frank O’Connor, the RTS spin-off could have a future home using Microsoft’s Kinect technology.

Speaking with CVG, O’Connor said that Halo Wars was “a bigger success than we expected,” beating Microsoft’s sales projections and becoming the best-selling RTS on consoles this generation. Despite that success, the question of doing a sequel is still up in the air, but O’Connor had one very interesting suggestion for a potential sequel:

“In that regard it was a huge success but is the will to do a sequel there? Who knows. We could do something that works on Kinect, for example. There’s no will against it but we’re not working on it right now.”

O’Connor also pointed to Halo Wars as a “successful example” of one of the many experiments Microsoft has done in the Halo universe. Would you be down for a motion-controlled revisiting to the Halo Wars style of gameplay at some point in the future?

via: GameInformer

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