420: A Startup to Take Medical Marijuana to the Cloud

On 420 (4/20, April 20) the marijuana subculture hits the public sphere in full force, staging public smoke-outs at campuses like Denver University, San Francisco’s Hippie Hill, and in many other public places. Despite unprescribed marijuana’s illegality, 420 remains as the pot-smoking culture’s most revered holiday.

On 420 this year, medical marijuana activists have reached a landmark: 15 states in the nation have declared medical pot’s usage legal. Medicinal pot is sold through dispensaries and often involves tight regulation and complex management of supply chains, doctor referrals, and the like. Recognizing this opportunity, a tech startup called idWeeds.com is in the process of creating enterprise application software to keep track of the product, “from seed to smoke.”

According to Forbes, “Using both mobile apps and cloud software, IdWeeds.com intends to provide inventory management and analysis, a point of sale portal and better tracking of patient compliance.”

idWeeds’ founder, Corbin Fields said his company builds a network between dispensaries and uses web and mobile apps to provide “quality control, strain diversity, improved profitability and efficiency.” The web and mobile apps will manage inventory levels, much like SAP does for mainstream businesses, tracking everything from seeds, to marijuana crop productions, to point of sale.

According to an article in the Rocky Mountain Collegian, Colorado State University’s newspaper, Corbin pitched his idea at a conference called Boulder Startup Week.

“I pitched the idea and got a lot of laughs, then I told them it was a $1 billion a year industry and people turned their heads,” Fields told the Rocky Mountain Collegian. “Out of 37 ideas, we got second place.”

idWeeds.com originally planned to launch on 420, but the date was pushed back to May 30. The mobile and web apps will be aimed at reducing overhead costs by offering unique tools for managing the unique inventory.

As laws in the highly contentious medical marijuana marketplace are continually changing, dispensaries need flexible solutions to minimize overhead costs. idWeeds.com hopes to provide those tools.

“The fact is that it’s a $1 billion industry, and no one is making any money,” Fields told the Rocky Mountain Collegian. “If we can show the government and big public that these people can be transparent, they can be ethical, they can be morally right and they can be responsible and help people, I think it’s going to change the outlook. That’s what our main goal is: to bring that to the industry.”


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