A month after federal raids, chill descends over Montana’s medical marijuana industry

Last month’s federal raids have placed a chill over Montana’s once-booming medical marijuana industry.

Federal and state agents on March 14 executed 26 warrants on marijuana businesses across the state. They seized more than 2,880 pot plants and 258 kilograms of the drug. Also taken were guns, vehicles and a boat.

Bozeman attorney Chuck Watson estimates that 25 percent of the state’s pot providers have shut down or suspended their operations since the raids.

Marijuana providers say many patients have delayed renewing their registration or switching providers because of the uncertainty.

Federal officials have said the raids are part of a drug trafficking investigation. No charges have been filed.

Voters approved Montana’s medical marijuana law in 2004. State legislators are considering revamping the law to make regulation much stricter.

via : Live Journal

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