Americans Do Want Feds to Keep the Fuck Out of State Marijuana Laws

feds raiding oaksterdam u hbtv hemp beach tvJust a day after a report found that over $300 million has been spent by the federal government on aggressive marijuana enforcement in states where medical marijuana is legal, a new poll has found that 57% of Americans want to see the crackdown come to an end.

According to the HuffPost/YouGov poll released Friday, 60% of Americans are in favor of allowing a doctor to recommend medical marijuana to their patients, and 57% want state compliant medical marijuana patients and dispensaries to be exempt from federal anti-marijuana laws.

The poll also found that 55% of Americans believe the federal government should not interfere with states who legalize the adult use of marijuana.

Colorado and Washington both legalized marijuana for adults 21 or older in the November elections, and lawmakers in both states are working towards implementing a legal, regulated, adult marijuana retail market.

Medical marijuana has been authorized in 21 jurisdictions in the United States, and legislation remains pending in several more.

Since 2011, the Department of Justice and Attorney General Eric Holder has launched a full scale crackdown on medical marijuana dispensaries in medical marijuana states.

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