And the Title of Bungie’s New IP Could Be…

Truly, folks, what’s in a name? Well, it turns out, a lot, actually. Relationships, family histories, hints at one’s personality, background, ethnicity, etc. And in some cases, there’s even a boatload of US Patent Office filings. That last part is especially true with regard to videogames, and according to Examiner, patents might just hold the key to the identity of Bungie’s next original IP.

One eagle-eyed – or shall we say, purposefully nosey – fan recently made their way through the 2010 patent filings to discover four names and corresponding websites patented by Halo developer, Bungie. We’ve known for awhile now that the father of Master Chief has been preparing a new and original IP to be published by Activision, but not a single bit of information about the title has emerged. So at the very least, a possible title would represent exciting news to fans. So what are the four names? Click the jump to find out.

Seven Seraphs, Osiris, New Monarchy, and Dead Orbit

Certainly, all four of those titles sound fairly sci-fi, and almost any of them could moonlight as a possible Halo subtitle, but if you were hoping that Bungie would follow up Halo with something significantly different, it sounds like you might end up with yet another trip to the stars. We’ll hopefully know more come E3 later this year.

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