Another Pot Head Pets A Cop Dog, Gets Arrested

How anyone can pass an adorable puppy (even adult dogs are puppies to me) and not want to oooh, aaah, and cuddle the darn thing is beyond me. Which is why it’s even more understandable to me that a pot head like 48-year-old Kelly Simpson would get arrested for petting one. Well, not just any one, a seriously cute one in a seriously cute K-9 get up.

Yep, the Endicott, New York man showed his love for the police dog obviously not remebering he had marijuana in his pocket — 25 grams of marijuana or possibly less. Tarah, that’s the adorable K-9, sniffed the goods out and the next second Simpson was in handcuffs. He ended up being charged with unlawful possession of marijuana and released with only an appearance ticket.

But Tarah’s, not just any K-9. She’s also a certified tracking dog and advanced police narcotics detection dog. The girl went through more than 140 hours of training, making Tarah the surrogate best in show, as she is the only police K-9 in Broome County to have all four certificates. Not to mention, she’s so gosh darn adorable.

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Another Pot Head Pets A Cop Dog, Gets Arrested, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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  1. oneluv420 says:

    i wish i could just get a fine but no i have to do freakin time on my damn charge on the 27th of this month luck guy

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