Arizona Gov. Brewer’s Anti Medical Marijuana lawsuit Thrown Out of Court

Altitude Organic Corporation  is pleased to announce that U.S. District Judge Susan R. Bolton has thrown out the lawsuit that has currently been blocking the Arizona medical marijuana dispensary program from proceeding.  Judge Bolton made a number of comments upon dismissing the case including a comment referencing the plaintiff’s complete absence of any evidence that in 16 other medical marijuana states no state employee has ever been targeted by the federal government for implementing any, “state medical marijuana licensing scheme.”    Judge Bolton’s legal position is aligned entirely with the position taken by the ACLU regarding the Arizona medical marijuana law.  Ezekiel Edwards, director of the ACLU Criminal Law Reform Project, released a statement upon hearing the case verdict.

He said, “It is unconscionable for Governor Brewer to continue to force very sick people to needlessly suffer by stripping them of the legal avenue through which to obtain their vital medicine.  Today’s ruling underscores the need for state officials to stop playing politics and implement the law previously approved by a majority of Arizona voters so that thousands of patients can access the medicine their doctors believe is most effective for them.”   Altitude Organic Corp president Brian Cook stated, “We are elated to see Judge Bolton’s ruling and always believed that this would be the ultimate legal outcome of the baseless lawsuit brought by Governor Brewer.   The governor has not yet indicated her intent to further contest Judge Bolton’s decision and has 30 to 45 days from January 4th to do so under a new legal pretense, but we hope she will begin to understand that Arizona needs to legally regulate medical marijuana instead of allowing the caregiver ‘free for all’ that has proceeded despite the federal lawsuit.

The Arizona budget is in desperate financial straits and needs to collect the taxes that will be generated from regulated dispensaries.  I believe that once Governor Brewer proceeds with voter-approved initiative, doing so will begin to help patients obtain their medicine safely, while providing a significant and desperately needed economic boost which should be positively felt by Arizonans throughout the state.”   Brian Cook adds, “The delay in the dispensary program has seeded thousands of unregulated home grows around the state over the last 6 months and we prefer that the more transparent and more regulated dispensaries – already approved by voters – begin to open.  Millions of investment dollars will poor into Arizona and thousands of jobs will once Governor Jan Brewer steps back and allows the regulated system to proceed.”

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