Arizona Representative Ruben Gallego submits bill to legalize marijuana

welcome to arizona hbtv hemp beach tvState Representative Ruben Gallego has introduced a bill that would legalize marijuana in Arizona. If passed, adults over 21 would be allowed to possess an ounce of pot, and up to five marijuana plants. “We as a state should try to channel what’s already going to occur,” said Rep. Gallego (D). “Right now it is so prevalent that it is practically legal. Everyone knows someone who is doing it or has done it.”

Gallego knows it’s not going to be easy to get this bill passed. “It’ going to be a tough fight. But part of this is to start having this conversation.” The new bill submitted Monday would be similar to the law recently passed in Colorado.

“The overall goal of the bill is basically to take marijuana out of the black market, and regulate it and sell it for adult use.”

Gallego insists the drug would be regulated from the moment it’s planted, until it’s purchased. “And within that process we will also be taxing it, and we’re assuring that where it’s sold is an appropriate place to be sold.” Twelve other democrats signed on to co-sponsor the bill. It will now be sent to the Speaker of the House, who will decide whether it will be heard on the floor.

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Arizona Representative Ruben Gallego submits bill to legalize marijuana, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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