Ben & Jerry’s Releases New Stoner Friendly Flavor Inspired By Bob Marley

ben & jerrys satisfy my bowl stoner ice cream hbtv hemp beach tvWe’re celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Bob Marley’s Legend album with this tasty tribute, supporting Bob’s vision for a fairer world. In partnership with the 1Love Foundation, this flavour will help to fund a youth empowerment programme in Jamaica. Music to your ears AND your taste buds! What makes this all the sweeter is that the inspired (ahem, LEGEND-ary) flavour name comes courtesy of Camilla Bishop – thanks Camilla, you’re a legend! Peace, 1love & Ice Cream, from Ben & Jerry’s.

With weed become the favorite ingredient of late from big corps are cashing in on the trend, from cannabis-infused pizzas to high-fructose Twinkies. Naturally, Ben & Jerry’s did the sensible thing and added ice cream to the growing list of stoner-friendly foods.

In a celebration of the 30th anniversary of Bob Marley’s Legend album and a nod towards Mary Jane, Satisfy My Bowl mixes a creamy banana base with caramel and cookie swirls with a helping of milk chocolate peace signs. All proceeds benefit the Marley Family 1LoveFoundation and the new flavor hits frozen aisles on September 15.
Sad news: It won’t get you high and will only be available in the UK. I know, we’re the worst.

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Ben & Jerry’s Releases New Stoner Friendly Flavor Inspired By Bob Marley, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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