Billings medical marijuana business burglarized for 4th time

When Doug Medina showed up at his business Friday morning, he found the front door shattered and more than $7,000 worth of medical marijuana stolen. A situation that he says is getting old.

“I think it’s the fourth time that we’ve actually had somebody break into us,” Medina states. “This time, again, they took some medicine.”

During the other three break-ins, money was stolen twice and money along with medical marijuana were stolen the other time.

The break-ins have happened throughout the past year, prompting the owner of Green Cross to invest in surveillance cameras.

“I have video of their car coming by,” explains Medina. “And them being outside and actually breaking the glass and coming through.”

Typically a business owner would call the police after a break-in, but not in this case.

“We haven’t called them because they’re response is not what we expect from an organization such as the Billings Police Department,” Medina explained.

Billings Police Chief Rich St. John says if they don’t know about it, they can’t help.

“If he doesn’t call us and share that video, there’s nothing we can do to help him, in that respect,” says Chief St. John.

Green Cross isn’t the only medical marijuana business that’s fallen victim to burglaries and vandalism. Medina says its because of their industry that they don’t receive help from law enforcement.

“Billings Police Department will not intervene and help one person or another that’s in this field,” the owner of Green Cross said.

Chief St. John disagrees. “Regardless of the business that he’s in, he receives the same service that anybody else does,” the BPD Chief says. “I would say that Mr. Medina’s allegation against the police department has no merit.”

He also pointed out that medical marijuana businesses are potential targets of crime simply due to their merchandise. “Mainly because of the product that’s on hand and that it’s a cash business,” Chief St. John explains.

Medina admits they’re an easy target, but he says the break-ins are getting out of hand. “This type of thing is hatred,” Medina says. “There’s no love in it. I think that’s what people need to start showing, is a little more compassion for people that are very ill.”

The Green Cross is offering a $500 reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the people involved in the break in.

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  1. bobmarleychiefs420 says:

    kind of an easy fix here… no glass door!, i would bar the window and doors during closing to prevent a break in… i mean really 4 times and he still has an all glass front door… I’m surprised this genius doesn’t leave his door unlocked…

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