Binge drinking on the rise, consequences worse than cannabis

Our culture condones and encourages social alcohol consumption often to the point of inebriation as a recent Centers for Disease Control study shows. Binge alcohol consumption (more than 5 drinks per occasion) is on the rise with consequences for safety and health.

Compared to alcohol those using marijuana are safer drivers, aren’t prone to violence or risky behavior, and suffer very few negative consequences, yet the double standard of criminalization of cannabis remains.

The CDC has reason to believe that binge drinking has negative health consequences, and can lead to risky sexual behavior, automobile accidents, and physical violence.

In response to these risks the page offers actions governments, communities, and healthcare professionals can take to help reduce binge drinking.

Rather astutely the site recommends recognizing the number of deaths and disease caused by binge drinking, and supporting community strategies to help discourage binge drinking including education campaigns.

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Binge drinking on the rise, consequences worse than cannabis, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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