Blizzard Introducing Guild Transfer And Renaming Services To World Of Warcraft

Continuing the trend of offering optional, paid services for smaller quality of life issues, Blizzard has announced that they will be introducing the ability for guilds to rename themselves or transfer servers intact.

The news came earlier today via a post on the World of Warcraft forums. According to community manager Nethaera, guild leaders will be able to initiate a server transfer with the character who holds the rank of guildmaster, and after the transfer the guild will be on the new server with all the ranks, guild bank contents, and other goodies still there.

Previously if a guildmaster switched servers, the guild would be disbanded and all of its spoils lost. With the introduction of guild levels and Achievements in the Cataclysm expansion, a means of keeping a guild together if they feel the need to switch servers became more necessary.

Nethaera says any guild members who want to follow the guild to the new server will need to initiate individual paid character transfers, but their ranks and guild reputation will remain when they arrive on the new server.

Separate from server transfer, guildmasters will also finally gain the ability to change the guild’s name without disbanding and forming a new guild. Again, this is a change that allows players to switch names without losing the in-game progress and rewards they’ve gained as a guild.

Blizzard has not yet provided details on if or how much these services will cost nor when they will be available, but Nethaera says some of the functionality may be showing up on the public test realm soon.

via: GameInformer

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