Blizzard Talks About WOW On Consoles

Console gamers and video game companies alike have long dreamed of a hit MMO appearing on home consoles, but this has yet to come to pass. Is WOW the exception to rule?

CVG talked to WOW game designers Greg Street and David Kosak about the task, who admitted it was no easy feat. Everything from the control scheme to the technical demand of the game itself are currently roadblocks.

In particular, Microsoft and Xbox Live have been long rumored to be unfriendly to MMOs simply because the company wants to handle the technical infrastructure of any potential MMO itself instead of developers – this includes whatever monetary cut Microsoft would take as well as who controls the updates to the game. “…I think certainly that we would place really heavy demand on the technical structure of those things before it was something Blizzard would want to get into,” Kosak explained.

Still, he’s optimistic someone – even if it’s not Blizzard – would breakthrough. “I think we’ll see something in the next few years. I said that a few years ago, but I’m pretty sure someone will solve that problem.”

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