Bogus 911 Call Leads To 10 Pounds of Marijuana found

A bogus call of a shooting led to a drug bust in Pine Hills on Sunday.  Authorities with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said two women were arrested.

Deputies and firefighters were called to a home on Pat Ann Terrace. Investigators said no one had been shot, but deputies found 10 pounds of marijuana, large sums of cash and two handguns. Deputies guarded the scene for a few hours while a search warrant was obtained.

The women were taken to jail, and the marijuana was carried in bags from the home.

Authorities said the incident was not the first. Another bogus 911 call was made earlier in the week to give deputies a heads-up about illegal activity inside.

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Bogus 911 Call Leads To 10 Pounds of Marijuana found, 5.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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