Budweiser Sponsors Pro-Medical Marijuana Event In Arkansas

sexy budweiser girls hbtv hemp beach tvFor a long, long time the alcohol industry has supported marijuana prohibition. After all, it’s been shown that marijuana legalization would result in less alcohol being consumed. So it was with great surprise that I heard that Budweiser sponsored a pro-medical marijuana event in Arkansas this last weekend. The event supported Arkansans for Compassionate Care, which is trying to get medical marijuana on the ballot in Arkansas for the 2014 Election.

Per Americans for Safe Access:

Advocates are launching their fundraising campaign at 2pm this Saturday, November 9th with a Budweiser-sponsored, all-day concert at the Silverado Club, 1205 W. Hillsboro Street in El Dorado. Budweiser has underwritten the venue and a portion of the beer sales will go to ACC.

Has a major alcohol distributor, especially on the level of Budweiser, ever stepped up like this before? Can we expect more of this in the future? Will it result in better relations between the alcohol industry and marijuana supporters? I don’t drink Budweiser, but I will say that it has made me think differently about them. Maybe that’s the point, to win hearts and minds? It’s anyone’s guess. Kudos to the Arkansas campaign for landing such a big sponsor!

If passed, the initiative would allow Arkansas patients with a doctor’s recommendation to use medical marijuana for serious debilitating medical conditions. Patients would also have the option to purchase medical marijuana at dispensaries or grow it themselves. The campaign needs to collect more than 62,000 signatures by the July 7, 2014 deadline in order to qualify for the ballot. Donate to the campaign today!

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