Burglar breaks into medical marijuana dispensary through the bathroom

Choice Wellness Center burglar marijuana hbtv hemp beach tvThere is a gaping hole in the bathroom wall of the Choice Wellness Center. Owner Dawn Darington admits she was stunned by the way a burglar broke into her medical marijuana dispensary. “If I stayed up all night for a month, I couldn’t have thought that one up,” Darington said.

Surveillance video caught the thief helping himself to the contents of the cash register and the safe.  Darington estimated he got away with $5,000 in cash and cannabis. “I feel terrible about being victimized in this way,” she said.

The break-in was the third break-in during the past 18 months for the dispensary. Darington thinks she knows exactly who the crook was. “I saw him on the video camera before he pulled the mask up over his face, and I recognized him and I recognized his movements and motions,” she said.

Darington suspects it’s the same burglar who targeted her twice before. Police haven’t confirmed that yet. They are still investigating. Darington said,“I’m hoping that he’s actually put away long enough that he doesn’t do this to anybody else,” Darington said. “He didn’t just steal from me, he stole from a lot of really sick people, and that’s evil.”

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