Burglar from Clapham shot dead trying to rob cannabis factory, court hears.

A Clapham man shot dead an unarmed burglar in broad daylight after he broke into his “sophisticated” cannabis factory, the Old Bailey has heard.  Raymond Andes, 39, from Plummer Road, who was found to have an arsenal of guns in his house, fired a single shot which struck 21-year-old Isaiah Bovell in the head.  Mr Bovell, from Brixton Hill, had gone to Mr Andes’ flat at 11am on April 14 with two other men but was shot as he tried to force entry to the ground floor window.  Zoe Johnson, prosecuting, told the jury Mr Andes had turned one of the flat’s rooms into a “sophisticated cannabis factory” which was a possible reason for the burglary.

She said: “Isaiah Bovell was unarmed. It appears there were two other men with Mr Bovell, but they were at the front of the flat when the defendant shot him.  “It may also explain why the defendant acted so violently when confronted by a younger unarmed man.”  Miss Johson said the 75-plant cannabis factory, which was hidden behind a wall, was capable of producing 6.3kg of the drug every year, with a street value of £36,000.  She said: “The defendant has denied that he was running a commercial enterprise and suggested what he grew was for his own personal use only.

“But the prosecution suggest the amount he was capable of growing gives lie to that claim.”  On Monday Alice Walters, a firearms expert, told the court a 9mm Belgian-made Browning handgun along with seven cartridges were recovered from the scene.She said it had been stolen from a British Army armoury in 2000.  A further three pistols were found in Mr Andes’ flat but they were significantly less powerful than the weapon used to kill Mr Bovell.  Miss Walters told the jury that shell cases belonging to a Mac-10 sub-machine gun were found outside his flat – but she was not able to confirm where they had come from as a weapon of this type was never found.

The police maintain a database of unsolved gun crimes and she told the jury the Mac-10 cases were connected to a shooting in Tooting in 2006 and another in Camberwell Green in 2004.   Miss Johnson told the jury: “He accepts firing the weapon but denies murder on the grounds that he did it in “reasonable self-defence, trying to scare off someone he believed to be attempting to break-in”.  “That in short will be the central issue for [the jury] to decide, whether it was a deliberate targeted aim and shot or whether it was a shot designed to scare.”  Mr Andes denies murder and possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life – he has pleaded guilty to cultivating cannabis.

The trial continues.

via : Streatham Guardian

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Burglar from Clapham shot dead trying to rob cannabis factory, court hears., 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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