CA Hempfest begins

Thousands are participating in the three-day event “Hempfest,” celebrating the use of marijuana in Sutter County, CA, outside of Sacramento.

Sutter County officials said their biggest concern is traffic and parking and as for the crowd, they are expected to be pretty mellow.

In order to enter the event, people must pass a security check and once inside are vendors for clothing, smoking pipes, and food. Also, live music for the big party held throughout the weekend.

“It’s different for someone who doesn’t go to bars, who doesn’t really drink alcohol to be able to come out and enjoy something a little more mellow,” said participate, Eric Murray.

There’s also a portable clinic where doctors are giving exams for medical marijuana cards. The organizers said this event is about alternative medicine.

“There’s information activists on every stage, they’re going to be talking about how medical marijuana impacts your life whether you grow it for your own personal use of taking it the next level,” said Hempfest organizer, Steve Maki.

The event has a restricted smoking area, for people with medical marijuana cards. One Vietnam veteran says he uses marijuana to tame post-traumatic stress syndrome.

“It makes me feel a lot better, not like some of those pills they try to give you,” said Don Easley.

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