California drought is so bad that the Marijuana Community has been asked to not fill their bong’s **

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With California’s drought in full effect cannabis consumers have been asked to switch to A smoking device that does not utilize water. Yes that is right they have been asked NOT to fill their bong’s. This has gotten the cannabis community in an uproar! This is what State comptroller Earnest (Ernie ) Lundquist said “In light of water restrictions state wide. We are asking consumers to not fill their bongs as often or to consider alternative liquids such as wine and fruit juices work quite well in bongs'” Even former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said “This is a great travesty. If I was still in office I would get in to the chopper my self and start flying in more water from federal water pipe reserves”

While this might seem like A great alternative. Marijuana consumers say that it is just easier to fill their water pipes with water from the tap. The state understands this and in light of this extreme situation, they have now set up emergency water fill up site’s for bongs in several locations all across California. The only restrictions is that people only bring 1 water pipe that can hold 20 ounces or less of water and no Chinese sweat shop import glass. If not you can bring a 13.7 ounce bottle to fill to bring back home with you.  And you may come back only twice A week. If the drought keep’s going they will have to make more cut backs to only filling up once a week.

Most stoners fill up their bongs on a daily basis along with regular cleaning. This is going to make Californian’s water pipes the dirtiest in the nation. And this is making some residents upset. A LA resident Mrs. Jackson said ” I am for real, why would you make my daughter cry? She has no other way to medicate! What are you going to do? Apologize A Trillion times?” Now as residents of California who are cannabis consumers are thrown into extreme measures, Colorado is looking more like the place to be.

If the great bong drought of 2014 continues stoners will be forced to change their liquids or possibly move else where. Officials have stated that they will do everything in their power to resolve the situation even if they have to truck in Water from the Hoover Dam in Nevada.

SOURCE Satire Credit’s: Skunk & Canna Bruce**

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California drought is so bad that the Marijuana Community has been asked to not fill their bong's **, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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