Canada to License Companies to Grow and Sell Marijuana

marijuana cigarette's hbtv hemp beach tvThe business of Marijuana will be launched this week by the conservative government of Canada. Health Canada is going to license prominent marijuana farms. This will allow a free marijuana market to be available which will serve about 37,000 people. The number promises to grow up to 450,000 in the next 10 years. Around 150 companies already applied for a license. Of these, two companies already received the license from the government.

The government also determined the price of medical marijuana which will only be served to patients who are legally approved to receive the same. A gram is going to cost $7.60 in 2014. However, there is a possibility that the price may go down to $3 once the market gets more competitive. According to government predictions, the newly born industry is going to fetch $1.3 billion as revenue every year.

Now that the weed has been legalized in Canada, would companies make use of celebrities to endorse their products? Several prominent personalities admitted that they smoked marijuana at some point in their life while some others openly admit that they regularly take it at present.

Here are five famous and influential personalities who admitted to smoking weed:

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt admitted to Parade that he preferred smoking weed (“grass,” he said) during his tender years in Hollywood. He said that he got bored of that as it was turning him in to a “doughnut.”


Rihanna was photographed earlier in 2013 smoking something that looked a lot like marijuana. “Kush rolled, glass full…I prefer the better things!,” she tweeted a day before.


Oprah admitted in “Watch What Happens Live” that she had smoked marijuana in 1982. Even though she did not admit to smoking weed recently, she joked about trying it again as she heard that “it’s gotten better!”

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga openly admitted in “60 Minutes” that she had never tried to hide about her fondness of marijuana. She smokes “a lot of pot” whenever she writes music, she said.

Barack Obama

U.S. President Barack Obama admitted to smoking marijuana in one of his interviews. He said that he “inhaled frequently.”

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