Cannabis college begins to grow

September symbolizes the first day of school for many students around Western Washington, and this year one local school is opening its doors for the very first time. It’s called the Academy of Cannabis Culture and Technology.

Classes start at ACCTech on September 7. According to its mission, the school hopes to “bring a level of professionalism unmatched in this quickly emerging medical cannabis industry.” Its website also promotes an objective of providing “our students with an education that will allow them to be extremely successful in their own medical garden or working professionally in the medical cannabis industry.”

According to ACCTech officials, they already have a few dozen students signed up.  Students must have a medical marijuana card or a provider form to attend.

ACCTech hopes to clear up the confusion within the cannabis community regarding medical marijuana.  A few months ago, Washington Governor Chris Gregoire vetoed parts of a medical marijuana bill that people thought would help clarify rules around the state.

The school’s founders said the ongoing confusion makes their program necessary. Every student starts with a law class, then they study history and learn how to grow it. 

“This isn’t stoner university,” said Jason Semer, co-founder of ACCTech. “A lot of these people are sick they don’t have time to learn. You come here within four weeks you leave with the knowledge to grow proper medicinal grade cannabis,” said Semer.

ACCTech offers a cloning lab, a three-hour course designed to cover the “ins and outs of creating perfect clones.”  Students may sign up for an introduction into cannabis cultivation, introduction to cooking and concentrates, and laws regarding medical marijuana.

“We’re really hardcore about our curriculum,” said Joshua Berman, adding “that just like any other school, we find the right people to be part of our school.”

Students will not receive a degree, but the school does offer a certificate.  The entire program costs less than $1000 and gives students access to the school’s library.

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