Cannabis Connoisseurs Suggesting Marijuana for Pets Now

cute dog with marijuana hbtv hemp beach tvWhile medicinal use of marijuana has always remained suspicious amidst people as well as health experts, a team of pros has now been suggesting the same for pets.

The report said that people are again being lighted up by marijuana. A large number of people in the United States have now been supporting authorization of marijuana. Also, lawmakers in numerous states have been favouring the changed opinions of people at the same rate.

It is yet to be seen if people would prefer the medical marijuana for their pets. But, the experts’ team gave an instance that veterinarian Doug Kramer also treated his dog Nikita with medical marijuana. His dog was failing to respond to any medicine advised by the practice for her pain.

Therefore, THC dosages were administered to Nikita and she has realized an improvement in her quality of life. The dog was suffering from an untreatable cancer, told the vet.

The vet affirmed that any pet can be administered with THC if he has a chemical receptor in the brain. Experts said that marijuana could help pets in getting relief from pain.

“Veterinarian Doug Kramer first learned of the movement through a patient, a woman whom he describes as “a bit eccentric, but she was a very intelligent woman”, said the sources.

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