Cannabis Freedom Festival in Melbourne isn’t about cannabis…it’s about freedom

The weekend of November 26-27th, many freedom-loving Floridians will partake in the Cannabis Freedom Festival in Melbourne, Florida. Though the theme on the surface will appear to be about ways to legalize marijuana use, it is actually about legalizing freedom. It is about removing the unsubstantiated governmnet propaganda on cannabis and the non-drug hemp.

Some say Floridians are free – but how free are we really? When the average American commits three felonies in an average day just going about living their life – is that freedom? When an American has to be concerned what and how the government may be watching him or her – is that freedom? When federal inmates who committed victimless ‘crimes’ constitute 86% of the federal prison population – is that freedom? When all Americans can no longer eat, drink, smoke what they want when they want without government involvement – is that freedom? When a law abiding citizen simply wants to move a large amount of their money from one place to another and need to fill out forms to tell the federal government – is that freedom?

No. The Cannabis Freedom Festival is about much more than just letting someone smoke pot for medicinal or recreational purposes. It is much more than enabling us to start manufacturing hemp (one of the best fibers known to man) again in the United States instead of having to import it. It is about freedom of the individual – something American used to value.

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