Cannabis Group Banned From Willie Nelson Concert

This week the Nebraska State Fair is being held in Grand Island, complete with carnival rides, livestock petting zoos and kids eating too much junk food. Just about the only thing you won’t find at the State Fair are petitions to sign for the legalization of marijuana, which the Nebraska Cannabis Coalition (NCC) planned to circulate during a Willie Nelson concert to be performed this coming Sunday, September 4. The NCC’s plans were unceremoniously snuffed when State Fair officials refused to allow signature gatherers inside the fairgrounds.

Nebraska State Fair Director Joseph McDermott told the Omaha World-Herald that the NCC needs to have a booth to gather signatures, not roam about the fair – the only problem being, the fair allegedly sold out all its indoor and outdoor booth spaces before the NCC inquired about setting one up earlier this month. However, NCC spokeswoman Myra Oppy told the World-Herald that her group has tried for two months to obtain a booth, which would have also provided educational material about hemp – but State Fair officials wouldn’t allow it.

State Senator Paul Schumacher told the World-Herald he questioned the legality of banning NCC petition gatherers from the fair. “The State Fair is the epitome of a public forum,” Senator Schumacher said. “I don’t think a federal court would look with much kindness at limiting public expression at the fair.”

Undaunted by the seemingly deliberate stonewalling of the Nebraska Cannabis Coalition by fair officials, the NCC intends to be out in “full force” on the streets in front of the Nebraska State Fair this Sunday before the Willie Nelson show, gathering as many signatures as possible. If by chance you’re planning on attending, make sure you seek out one of those petition gatherers and sign to legalize.

via : High Times

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