Cannabis grower evicted from flat in Welwyn Garden City

Elliott Pearce was arrested when police raided his home in Guinness House, Little Hardings, on August 30 last year. A police spokeswoman said inside the property officers found three large cannabis plants in the bedroom, along with heat lamps and a stash of 30 to 40 tablets. Pearce, 22, appeared before Hatfield magistrates on December 19 last year, where he pleaded guilty to production of a Class B drug and possession of Class B and Class C drugs. He was sentenced to 120 hours of community service and ordered to pay £85 costs two days later. On April 24, Pearce was evicted as Hertford County Court bailiffs acting for housing association Guinness South and police attended his home. He had been found to have been in “serious breach” of his tenancy agreement by “allowing criminal activity” to take place in the property.

During the eviction drugs paraphernalia was found at the property, which will need to be safely removed before it can be made available to the approximately 4,500 people currently on the housing register in WGC. Jill Coe, anti-social behaviour team leader for Guinness South, said: “Guinness South does not tolerate the misuse of illegal substances in our properties. “We believe everyone has the right to live and feel in safe their homes. “Once illegal activity such as drugs misuse is highlighted to us, we work with the resident and police to tackle the behaviour, or take legal steps to remove these people from our neighbourhoods.” She added: “At a time when good quality, affordable homes are in short supply, we are determined to ensure that our properties are let to people who genuinely need them and will treat them and their neighbours with respect.”

via : WH Times

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