Cannabis prohibition hurts kids, helps organized crime

As an educator I have listened to what some drug education programs have offered.  I understand why youth do not trust us. We have lied to them about the dangers of marijuana.  We need to get the record straight so our students can trust us and rely on us for quality, relevant, science and evidenced based drug education.  Cannabis should be legalized, controlled and regulated because it is potentially harmful to young people.

If we legalize cannabis our students will be able to concentrate better at school.  Their non-violent parents won’t be in jail for breaking marijuana laws.  A parent in jail leads to family poverty.  Hungry kids can’t concentrate.  Prohibition means organized crime controls the market.  Prohibition is making our children sick, sad and unsafe.

via : Vancouver Sun

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Cannabis prohibition hurts kids, helps organized crime, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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