Cannabis Science to Begin FDA IND Application Process (CBIS)

Cannabis Science Inc. (OTC: CBIS), a Denver, Colorado-based company that is at the forefront of pharmaceutical grade medical marijuana research and development, announced this week that following the success with numerous self-medicated cancer patients, the company is planning to start Investigational New Drug (IND) application process that will target cancer treatment.

CBIS said that it is currently tracking numerous cancer patients, who are self-medicating with cannabis extracts. The company has evident success with these patients and this should provide support to its IND application to the FDA. Cannabis Science is looking to target the prescription pharmaceutical market, and by having the appropriate backup for the application process, the company believes it has a greater chance of succeeding.

Cannabis Science has in the past few weeks provided updates on three successful self-medicated cancer patients, and is waiting for more documentation and images associated with other patients it is tracking. CBIS said that the first patient had basal cell carcinoma on her face and after applying the topical cannabis extracts, apparently within 10 days the lesion was gone. The second patient, who has basal cell carcinoma on arm, also saw dramatic results. The third patient had severe squamous cell carcinoma on his head and his physician had almost given up. However, following the use of cannabis extracts, the patient has seen drastic results, the company says.

Cannabis Science believes that it is an excellent position to start the FDA process for prescription cancer medications. CBIS said that it is seeing even more success with other self-medicated cancer patients and will provide updates on them as well in the near future. The company believes that all of the positive outcomes from the patients create a suitable foundation to enter the FDA market of prescription drugs.

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