Capcom Counting Down To “DD”

While we’ll have to wait until April 12 before all of the details of Capcom’s Captivate event (currently underway) are made public, we can at least start making some guesses about one of the announcements. The publisher has started a countdown site hinting at a mysterious new game.

You can see the site for yourself here, but it doesn’t look much different than the image above. The page is simply titled DD…but is that the official name? Are they just initials? If it’s the latter, what could they stand for? The name “Dragon’s Dogma” appeared in some Capcom trademark filings last year – is that it? Let the speculation begin! Or…just wait a few days and learn the answer for sure.

According to andriasang, the latest issue of Famitsu claims that the company is unveiling six games at Captivate: Street Fighter X Tekken, Asura’s Wrath, Resident Evil 3DS, and Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City. That leaves two open slots: DD and…something else. What do you hope these mystery games are?

via: GameInformer

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