“CHARLOTTE’S WEB” Marijuana May Finally Get To Florida Patients in 2016

CHARLOTTE'S WEB marijuana hbtv hemp beach tv 2015Almost a year ago, Gov. Rick Scott signed the Charlotte’s Web bill into law, legalizing a non-euphoric strain of marijuana for medical use in Florida. Though, so far Floridians who need that medical treatment have not been able to receive it. The law has been held up by legal challenges and bureaucratic rigamarole, but supporters and potential suppliers think that Charlotte’s Web may finally roll out in Florida in late 2015 under the best case scenario, but more likely sometime in early 2016.

Charlotte’s Web is a form of low THC marijuana (THC being the ingredient that actually gets you high), that nonetheless is high in cannabidiol, a component that has been shown to help control the symptoms of seizures. The legislature passed the law last year while an effort to pass a more wide-ranging but ultimately failed medical marijuana ballot initiative in Florida was underway.

The bill left the exact mechanisms of how the marijuana would be grown and distributed to the Florida Department of Health, and that process has met with plenty of legal challenges. Though, last week Administrative Law Judge W. David Watkins threw out the final challenge, brought on by a plant nursery that was unhappy with some of the rules and found them vague.

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