Chris Brown Charged in Marijuana Grow Operation

Chris Brown was just recently charged in a homegrown marijuana growing operation—no, not Breezy, but it seems like both of the Browns have the same kind of tastes. Police seized plenty of weed, that’s reported to sell for around $300.00 an ounce.

So Chris Brown is probably a bit disappointed that he hella lost his stash and probably has to start over again when he’s out of jail. Certainly with a greenhouse grow operation this guy was running, he’s probably got some pretty upset customers. Hopefully none of them paid in advance!

He’s currently being held in Harris County, GA, and police reportedly confiscated enough weed worth several thousands of dollars. That’s insane. It’s such a shame that people are going to jail for growing marijuana, when it’s the drug cartels from out of the U.S. that authorities need to be worrying about. Chances are, this guy’s homegrown operation wasn’t funding terrorism. Meanwhile, someone else is selling some crap brought in from Mexico—yet to be caught.

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