Cigarettes versus marijuana: Why one is legal and the other not

Imagine this. You are driving from Montana or Oregon. You arrive in Illinois. You are stopped by the police for a traffic violation.  A search of your vehicle reveals your stash of marijuana. You whip out your prescription for the weed or the Medical Marijuana I.D. card issued by your state. The handcuffs go on, you go to jail. You now have to find a local lawyer to sort out the mess. You must take your chances before a judge, and depending on the county, a hot shot prosecutor who will make your life more miserable.

Sixteen states have legalized something called medical marijuana, a substance that does not legally exist. Marijuana is a Schedule 1 controlled substance under federal law and is illegal to cultivate, prescribe, dispense, sell, possess, or use. The FDA does not recognize “medical” marijuana, otherwise it would be cultivated, processed, and sold solely through the pharmaceutical industry. It would be known as pharmaceutical marijuana. Its trade would be strictly regulated.

There is no such thing as medical marijuana. It is a fraud, a canard, and a con. It is part of the conditioning narrative, also known as soft or pity propaganda, to eventually legalize pot. The efforts to legalize cannabis have been ongoing since the 1960s. The proponents of legalization latched on to the so called medical benefits argument and pushed those hard.

Instead of recreational use, they pity pushed medicinal use to get it legalized. In states where it is legal there have been abuses of the law. That was the whole intent. As of two months ago, the federal government is cracking down. If so called medical marijuana is legalized in all fifty states then full legalization will follow. This is the goal. At least that is what the advocates hope and think will happen. Think about this. Supposedly cigarettes are not only a health hazard but a deadly hazard.  They are allegedly a major cause of catastrophic diseases and death. If the medical community and the government agree whole heartedly that cigarettes are such a deadly health hazard why are they legal?

Why doesn’t the government just ban cigarettes? Why is our government allowing an extremely hazardous product to remain on the market? Our government bans all types of hazardous products. Why not cigarettes?  Why is marijuana banned and cigarettes legal? There are two reasons. They are the same two reasons why marijuana will never be legalized. Money and horticulture. Approximately 20% of the population smokes, just over 40 million adults. That is tens of millions of dollars a day in local, state, and federal taxes. The government has a captured cash cow in cigarette smokers. People cannot just grow tobacco and manufacture their own cigarettes. Tobacco is a land, labor, and time intensive crop. After it is harvested it must be cured, aged, and dried in a specific manner.

It would take a good sized plot of land, a lot of work, and about a year and a half for you to produce a few cartons of cigarettes. You need more than one plot of land as tobacco depletes soil and the crop must be rotated, or you must invest in expensive fertilizer and nutrient mixes. You cannot easily or economically grow tobacco to make cigarettes for personal consumption. Marijuana, on the other hand, can be cultivated anyplace. You can grow enough in pots to continually supply you and your friends. If you have enough space you can turn it into a cash crop. All you need are seeds or plantings, and in a short time you can fly higher than a kite. Anyone, anyplace can grow marijuana. And they do.

The government cannot control, regulate, or easily tax pot. This is why marijuana will never be legalized. There is no way to make it a commercially viable and profitable product and no way to effectively tax it. Legalizing marijuana would continue the same multi-billion dollar underground economy the illegal product does. Something the government, and our society, is loathe to do.  Instead of narcotics agents, governments- local, state, and federal- would have to hire revenue agents. There is no way they could hire enough. Aside from the pro and con moral, legal, constitutional, medical and social arguments, it is all about the money. It always is. There is no way for any commercial enterprise to make vast profits if anyone can grow their own cannabis. There is no way governments can tap into the money stream.

Even if the government decided to create pharmaceutical marijuana, regulate it through the FDA, restrict its sales through the pharmaceutical industry and its dispensation through doctors and pharmacists, there is no way to stop people from growing their own, using it and selling it. Why go to Walgreens or CVS when you can just produce your own? To all you tokers, smokers, 420ers, and stoners out there: Give it up. There is no way marijuana will be legalized anytime soon. So, just fire up a chubby, and keep dreaming your dreams of a high society.

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