Colorado Lawmakers Look To Ban Cannabis Edibles

Lawmakers in Colorado are pushing a bill that would ban medical marijuana edibles in the state. Our friends at The Cannabis Therapy Institute in Colorado have released an announcement about the bill.

ACTION ALERT: Stop HB 11-1250, the Medical Cannabis Edible Ban

Contact House Judiciary Committee

House Bill 11-1250 was introduced on Wed., Feb. 9, 2011. This bill will
outlaw all medicinal cannabis edible products in the state, overturning the
licensing scheme for Infused Products Manufacturers that was created by the
state legislature last year.

The bill is sponsored by Rep. Cindy Acree (R-Arapahoe and Elbert Counties)
and Sen. Scott Renfroe (R-Weld County). Co-sponsors of the bill include
Reps. Balmer, Conti, Joshi, Ramirez, and Scott and Senators Harvey, King
K., and Lambert.

This bill has been assigned to the HOUSE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE. The public
hearing on the bill has been set for March 1, 2011. Get on the CTI’s Email
List to be informed of the exact date and time.

Patients depend on edible cannabis medicines as one of the most important
ways to ingest and benefit from cannabis. The therapeutic value of consumed
cannabis medicinals cannot be understated. This is another direct attack on
patient rights.

Here is the official summary of HB 1250:
“Current law permits a medical marijuana-infused products licensee to
produce edible products. The bill would prohibit medical marijuana-infused
consumable food and beverage product manufacturing and sale.”

Go to the state legislature’s page to read the full version:

*** Emails and Phone Calls Needed ***

Sample Letter to House Judiciary Committee
“I urge you vote no on House Bill 11-1250. Edible cannabis is an important
therapy for patients. It is also an important alternative to smoking
cannabis for those who have a problem with bronchial irritation. There has
been no harm shown from cannabis edibles, so there is no reason to ban it.
Please have compassion for Colorado patients who need cannabis edible
medicine to survive.”

We are urging you to CALL and EMAIL the House Judiciary Committee Members.

Contrary to popular belief, not all cannabis users smoke. Not only do many use vaporizers, but edibles are used by a lot of patients who can’t inhale cannabis smoke or vapor, or who just prefer to ingest their medicine in a cookie or cake. They are the ones who would be affected by HB 11-1250.

The rationale behind bills like this one is that cannabis edibles can be packaged like candy, making them enticing to kids. Of course, the point could be made that packs of candy cigarettes look like real packs of cigarettes and what if a child gets confused and buys a pack of Newports? That’s why cigarettes are kept behind the counter and you can only buy them if you can prove you are of age. Under a well run medical marijuana system, kids shouldn’t be inside dispensaries in the first place; at least not where they can grab a marijuana cookie.

If you live in Colorado, take action now. Medical marijuana patients are under constant siege, no matter how legal they think getting their medication is. They need your help.

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