Colorado Rockies Serving Marijuana Brownies At Baseball Games? Story Of Weed-Filled Concessions Trolls Social Media…

marijuana brownie colorado rockies baseball consessions hbtv hemp beach tvAre the Colorado Rockies serving marijuana brownies at their baseball games now? A story about weed-filled treats being sold at baseball games concession stands in Colorado has gone viral on social media this weekend as readers of the story found themselves shocked and — in some cases — a little mistrusting of the tale. For those who doubted the validity of pot becoming available a Rockies baseball games, you did well to doubt. For, indeed, this is just another one of the many viral hoaxes to hit social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, just in time to get advocates on both sides of the legalized marijuana argument riled up.

The story of pot brownies being served at Colorado Rockies games was published less than three days ago and yet it has already seen over 11,000 shares on Facebook and continues to spread., for those who were not aware, is one of a growing number of Internet hoax/satire publications which feed off the incredulous and gullible nature of those who skim across their headlines, never taking the time to check the validity of the source or if there are any other sites or information available which can validate the claims.

In the case of the marijuana brownies and Colorado Baseball games story, simply checking the “About” section of the Empire Sport site will give readers some pretty solid evidence that nothing on the site should be taken seriously.

For those who are curious about how the rumor got started about Colorado Rockies Baseball games now serving marijuana brownies, here’s an excerpt from the story posted on Empire Sport:

“With the new laws in effect in Colorado, major sports organizations are looking for ways to cash in on the newest legal cash crop in the state. Sources are reporting that Major League Baseball’s Colorado Rockies plan to sell food items, which contain marijuana at concession stands during games next season. The first item on the list? Pot Brownies.

An official within the Rockies organization stated that the Rockies organization has given the green light to concession stands selling marijuana brownies. High ranking officials in the Rockies organization say they are thrilled at the new menu item since they note that it will bring in tens of thousands of dollars per month.
The Rockies head office is hoping that the sale of marijuana brownies will also boost sales of other concession items. What better way to sell concessions that to give everyone in the stadium the munchies?

SIDENOTE: An inside source with the organization said that it appears that the strain of marijuana that will be used in the making of the marijuana brownies will be Durango Bango which is considered to be the very best weed in the Rocky Mountain State.”

Colorado’s recent legalization of medical marijuana use in the state has been the butt of numerous internet hoaxes, among which included the story of 37 people who died from overdose the first day the drug became legal in Colorado, to stories that Marlboro would be soon creating it’s own line of Marijuana cigarettes called Marlboro “M”

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