Hemp Beach is now your weekly dose of 420 entertainment, news, games, movies and reviews! We are run by average people just like you. We have show’s that come out on a weekly basis. And are planning expantions to add more show’s in the future. If you have any idea’s please contact us, we would love to hear from you. We are just as much a stoner as you are and enjoy doing what we love. And we are doing everything we can to bring you the latest in the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana and news and product reviews. 

About Hemp Beach the Community on “There.com”


Hemp Beach was founded in 2003 by myself “Skunk”, and A Great friend of mine G_Mon_420. We started this beach hoping that we can establish a permanent spot for the most chill people out there. And today This place has changed gotten bigger and smaller. United we all stand here at our favorite place in There. Hemp Beach. We all have pulled ourselves into a great community. Very different lives make up the description of each person here. Village to join us, not one of us said no we each have helped them in our own ways to incorporating them into the beach. And what a blast that was yo yo yo. Now each one has there own take on Hemp Beach There own way.HippyNot one of us can be totally the same that is what makes us stronger. Everyone contributes to this great community. Each one of us always welcomes one into Hemp Beach with a ‘smile and a ‘hi. Everyone is welcome into our community and to join us, we don’t discriminate. When people were skeptical at first of Hemp Beach at its present state has been closer than ever with everyone come together. With everyone starting to come back, I’ve been very happy lately with everyone welcoming back Eric_J, and soon MadMan420 coming back from Iraq. Well i have come to love this place and the people here there all my On-Line family and hope to meet each and everyone of you in RL one day..spader. And Sabbath is a great friend and partner to hang with. He moved over to us after “The Great There Depression”. And a great late night chillin having them here for a while was cool. You always knew someone over there was sitting at the bar.


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  1. Freshman says:

    I think that if you’ve ever surfed a couch or gotten stoned and gone away to imaginationland youve been to Hemp Beach!!!

  2. Skunk says:

    Cool little video.

  3. OfAkasha says:

    Hey, stoned fuckers.
    Can’t find your store on yur’ page..
    gotta have a Hemp Beach T-Shirt.. you guys are the best. screw cheech & chong …
    keep up the great news coverage….

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