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Hemp Beach is the first stoner video network. Hemp Beach is an actual stoner TV network for the web, creating and producing its own original shows. The company was founded in 2008 by Skunk, because me and many others couldn’t find anything we wanted to watch on regular TV.

The content is designed for a stoner audience: passionate committed fans who want to watch shows that entertain, educate and help expand their life experiences. The audience expects professionally produced programming but wants it to be unexpected, edgy, smart and real. They also want to watch shows whenever they want, wherever they are, and on whatever device they choose, including everything from a 70″ HDTV to an iPod or Cell phone. Hemp Beach covers New products, stoner comedy, modern culture, music and more. Our hosts don’t come from Hollywood. Instead, they come from the same passionate fan base as our audience. They are engaging, personal, smart and connected – experts with the insight and acceptance that naturally puts them at the center of the community.

Hemp Beach’s shows can be found everywhere from to a wide range of traditional and new platforms, including Vimeo, Bittorrent, DivX, YouTube, Yahoo, My Space, Facebook, Funny or Die, Stickam, UStream and more. We will work with almost any distribution platform, using every video encoding format available, including flash, H.264 and others. We want our content accessible to the greatest possible audience, on as many devices and networks as possible.

Hemp Beach has attracted a wide-range of top advertisers including Klear Solutions, Couchlock, No Goo, Bonza Seeds, Gravity Vortex, Smoke Clear, Buddy Bong, Smoke Buddy, Eject a Bowl, Green Glass Clean, Ed’s Tote n Toke’s, The Incredibowl, Tokeez, Toke of the Town, and many more! Advertisers enjoy a unique bond with the audience via customized message integration and host mentions that deliver phenomenal results. Our clutter-free environment is perfect for everything from direct response to branding.

Hemp Beach TV Fact’s:

Over 30,000+ Unique Website Visitors each month.

Over 1,000+ Unique Website Visitors each day.

Over 200,000+ Video Views each month.

Over 10,000+ Facebook Likes.

Hundred’s of new fan’s join our pages each month.

99.9% of our audience recall for 2 or more sponsors.

48.5% of  Hemp Beach viewers have purchased a product or service from a show sponsor.

We are currently looking for new sponsor’s &  investors.

Contact us for pricing information.

For any Inquires please contact us anytime.



(561) 318-1493

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  1. primomultitools says:

    would like info on “sponsor” for after party at the “Big” show, we will have a Booth…
    please info

    Thanks, Chad

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