County leaders attend statewide summit on impact of marijuana

A number of community leaders from Lyon County attended a statewide summit on the Impact of Marijuana Use recently to help hone local programs to curb marijuana use.

The summit, held in Las Vegas, featured a dynamic group of local and national experts who presented the latest research and data on marijuana and its impact on community, the environment, enforcement of laws regarding marijuana, business and economy, treatment, and legislation.

The summit was called to increase general understanding of the drug, and possible outcomes that could arise if the use of the now illegal drug were legalization.

National drug policy expert Sue Thau of Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA) was among the speakers, while Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez-Masto gave the opening address and Senator Shelia Leslie gave the closing address. Experts from other states including Hawaii, Colorado and California offered insights into recent challenges related to marijuana laws and enforcement in their states.

Participants learned about medical marijuana laws, the impact of the production and growing of marijuana, recent issues such as synthetic cannabinoids, and perspectives on marijuana use as it affects law enforcement, the judicial system, health care, substance abuse treatment, and teens.

The Summit was held in partnership with the Nevada Statewide Coalition Partnership which includes Healthy Communities Coalition of Lyon and Storey Counties and Partnership Carson City, Nevada Division of Mental Health, Substance Abuse Prevention Treatment Agency (SAPTA), Nevada Office of the Attorney General, NVPAC, Nevada Sheriff’s and Chief’s Association and Nevada District Attorney’s Association, among others.

Regionally, Healthy Communities Coalition Director Christy McGill, Nevada Prevention Fellow and HCC staff person Freida Carbery, Lyon County Sheriff Allen Veil and District Attorney Bob Auer, Storey County Sheriff Gerald Antinoro, Mineral County District Attorney Shawn Rowe, Carson City Judge John Tatro, SAPTA’s Charlene Herst, Partnership Carson City director Kathy Bartosz, Jessica Paz-Cedillos of Partnership Carson City, Carson Chief of Juvenile Probation John Simms, Carson Chief of Alternative Sentencing Rory Planeta, Community Counseling Center counselor Coleen Maeux, Nevada Statewide Native American Coalition Coordinator Monty Williams, Carson City District Attorney Neil Rombardo, Statewide Coalition Partnership director Linda Lang, and Nevada youth leaders from throughout the state, among many others, attended the Summit.

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