County Looking To Regulate Medical Marijuana

County leaders are looking into creating an ordnance to regulate medical marijuana dispensaries. A meeting took place between county leaders, community members and dispensary owners Thursday to discuss the issue of medical marijuana operations.
The Kern County Board Of Supervisors set a moratorium last year stopping any new dispensaries from opening, but some have slipped through the cracks, according to some dispensers owners and county leaders.
There are more than 20 dispensaries in Kern County that are operating under the law. The moratorium that stopped new ones from opening will expire in August and the county wants to set up some regulations before that happens.
“The meeting was to have a dialogue. We wanted to collect thoughts from those who were out in the community regarding what an ordinance should look like if board of supervisors adopts those regulations to handle dispensaries, collectives and co-ops,” said Theresa Goldner, county counsel.
Under the ban, passed last year by the board of supervisors, not only could new collectives and co-ops not open for business, but existing ones in the county could not move and remain open.
“One of the things we have learned is there are new ones that have opened since the moratorium was established,” said Goldner.
ABC 23 is trying to obtain a list of those dispensaries that were opened after the ban and we were told that county code compliance will be investigating those dispensaries that are operating illegally.

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