Crime lord link to $20m cannabis raid

Italian crime syndicates are believed to be behind $20 million worth of cannabis seized in Griffith in the past five days, leading to the arrests of 18 people.

After arresting five men – four Indian nationals, two illegal immigrants – during an alleged midnight harvest of cannabis on Thursday, police arrested five more late yesterday. One was a 14-year-old boy in a drying shed containing just-harvested marijuana. 

Police said it would be alleged the men were ordered by crime bosses to conduct the harvest.

“A large number of those arrested over the past four days were farmhands employed to cultivate and harvest plantations,” the drug squad commander, Nick Bingham, said.

“We have also identified a number of others allegedly linked to Italian organised crime syndicates, and investigations will continue into these syndicates

The Griffith local area commander, Michael Rowan, said ''significant and elaborate attempts'' had been made to disguise the crops growing between vines and fruit trees. 

“Clearly given the number of plants under cultivation the crops were destined for the Sydney and Melbourne drug markets and these seizures will significantly dent the supply of cannabis for some time,” he said.

via : Warren Advocates

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