Daycare Worker Finds Marijuana Pipe In Baby’s Diaper

GUTHRIE, Oklahoma – A mom and dad in Logan County were arrested Thursday after a daycare worker made a pretty bizarre discovery–on their baby. Guthrie police say they got a call from DHS that daycare workers had found a marijuana pipe inside a diaper while changing the child. That’s not the only evidence that landed the parents behind bars.

Logan County Deputy Chief Rob Groseclose says he’s never seen a case like this. Jesse and Jessica Renaker’s home was searched after someone changing the couple’s 11-month-old baby at the Guthrie Head Start Center found a pipe used to smoke pot. When deputies got to the couple’s home, more charges for mom and dad.

Guthrie Police gave News9 this picture of the pipe that was found in the 11-month-old’s diaper. Investigators say it’s a one-hitter that has burnt residue of marijuana inside. Law enforcement officials say the pipe is just one piece of the evidence against the baby’s parents. The Renakers are both behind bars for child endangerment, possession of drugs, possession of pot, and deputies found a gun when they went to the couple’s home. “I don’t know. Sometimes it’s our job as parents to be responsible parents,” Groseclose said.

Since the couple’s home is outside of town, Logan County deputies performed the search where they found a gun, an ounce of pot and a lot of pipes. Deputies say Jessica Renaker is a teacher in Coyle. Superintendent Josh Sumrall says Jessica does work inside the school building, but not with his students. “She is not an employee of our school district,” Sumrall said.

He says the district is working with the Head Start Partner Leaders to get to the bottom of what happened. “First concern is for the safety of our kids and students,” Sumrall said the 330 students in his district were never in danger. Laura Harrison, the site manager of Head Start, said, “Once we get a hold of the situation, we’ll definitely let parents know…what they need to know.”

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