Dizzee Rascal: I had to give up cannabis to have laser eye surgery

The Fix Up, Look Sharp rapper decided to ditch his contact lenses and opt for the surgery, meaning that he hasn’t smoked the drug in two months now. He told the Sun how he had to give up cannabis before going under and also how he had to stay in a darkened room for two days afterwards wearing ‘mad goggles’. ‘I had to give up smoking weed beforehand. So that’s been two months I have been good now, Dizzee explained. ‘After the operation I was in bed for two days laying in the dark with these mad goggles on.’ Dizzee, real name Dylan Mills, also told how he had been busy working away in the US recording material for his new album, even admitting that it is mostly completed. ‘I’m a couple of tracks short of what I want but there are some big tunes done already.’ ‘They are big pop songs – I’m not afraid to say it. It worked well for me on the last album.’ Dizzee recently hooked up with drum and bass producer DJ Fresh to produce The Power which charted at number six yesterday.

via : metro

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