Don’t ask a cop for your weed back when you’re pulled over

Question not to ask the arresting officer: Can I have my weed back? Devonte Davon Jeter, 19, of 334 Penn Ave., Midland, was arrested when Midland police officers found a bag of marijuana at his feet during a traffic stop on May 13, according to court records.

Jeter asked for a preliminary hearing in Beaver County Court, and public defender Mitchell Shaheen tried Monday to convince Judge William Livingston that the marijuana could have belonged to any of four men in the car. He recounted Jeter’s comment to police that he intended to purchase the marijuana, but had not yet consummated the deal.

Shaheen, however, had no defense for Jeter’s question to officers as he was released from police custody in May. “Mr. Jeter asked if he could have his weed back,” officer Bruce Clark testified Monday in court.

“I don’t know what else ‘Can I have my weed back’ can mean, other than it’s his,” assistant district attorney Kevin Kindred said. The charges against Jeter — possession of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia — were held for court.

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