Eagle-eyed Oldbury residents tip off police about cannabis factory

EAGLE-EYED residents in Oldbury helped the police find a Vietnamese run cannabis factory in their street which had over 400 plants. Officers acting on community intelligence forced entry to a property in Jarvis Crescent, in the early hours of Friday to find an extensive hydroponics set-up and plants at various stages of maturity. Whilst assessing the extent of the drugs farm police spotted a vehicle pull up near the house and when approached by officers a 40-year-old man attempted to flee the scene. He was later arrested nearby and is currently in custody being questioned on suspicion of producing a controlled drug and visa issues. Sandwell Police Inspector Chris Roberts, said: “Plants were littered throughout the property and the factory had been set up to produce cannabis on a significant scale and its discovery is a notable success in combating drug supply in Sandwell. “Community intelligence was vital. Police received a call suggesting drugs may be being grown from the address we acted on that information quickly, seized up to 400 plants and made an arrest near the scene. “If anyone has suspicions that drugs are being grown or supplied in their community then I would urge them to contact police.”

via : HalesOwenNews

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Eagle-eyed Oldbury residents tip off police about cannabis factory , 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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