Easter 2014 Lands on 420 Marijuana Holiday

bunnies eating marijuana leaves hbtv hemp beach tvThroughout the past few weeks social media has been spreading the absorbing fact that Easter 2014 lands on the Marijuana holiday 420. Although the Christian holiday is a recognition and celebration of the holy story of Jesus Christ’s resurrection, popular culture also recognizes the holiday as filled with tasty chocolates and Easter eggs filled with treats. Its easy to say the least the jokes and memes are heavily rolling through social media networks, conveying that “nobody will be able to find Easter eggs this year.” Americans generally are familiar with the story of Jesus Christ and the holy holiday of Easter, but in respects to the two holidays landing on the same day, it seems appropriate to take a look at the history of the marijuana holiday 420. Nonetheless the holiday is very influential in popular culture, enough so that Quentin Tarantino made all the clocks in Pulp Fiction set to 4:20.

There are many myths and rumors inscribed in the marijuana holiday 420, the origin of the holiday still remains largely a mystery. However there are several explanations and origin stories from all kinds of people, that seem relatively plausible. There is only a few things we know for sure, that the 420 holiday stands for the date April 20th, and that marijuana users feel compelled to celebrate marijuana consumption on this day.Marijuana users celebrate by smoking, eating and consuming the cannabis in vast quantities. Since the legalization in the states Colorado and Washington, marijuana sales are expected to skyrocket this 420 holiday, along with the sale of Doritos and Beef Jerky.

Some marijuana historians believe the reason why the holidays origin has been lost is because the very nature and side effects of the plant. One more scientific explanation is that marijuana contains 420 active ingredients or chemicals, while others say that 420 is tea-time in Holland. It has even been connected to Hitler’s birthday and the legendary musician Bob Marley. Others have suggested that it has something to do with Earth day which is on April 20th. Jokingly they say the marijuana users were two days late in celebrating. Arguably the most accepted storyline is that 420 is some sort of police code that was used in Point Reyes, California for officers tracking weed and weed smokers. However main-stream reports the holiday’s origin from a 1990′s flyer campaign by the Grateful Dead that circulated heavily in northern California. As Easter 2014 lands on the marijuana holiday 420, it can be said that this media hype was all crafted by a bands flyers in Oakland.

Sometime in 1990, Hightimes made a copy of the flyer, spreading to marijuana users from Oakland to New York. By 1995 the Cannabis Action Network staged their first annual 420 Ball in San Francisco at the Maritime Hall, a special even that begins and ends at 4:20. By 1998 Hightimes launches 420.com, promoting 420 into the digital world.

Although Easter 2014 lands on the 420 marijuana holiday, there should not be any animosity between the two holidays. It is even argued by some theologians the Bible speaks of marijuana in Genesis 1:29, and makes for an important focal point of the Rastafarian religion. This Easter should make for an interesting one to say the least.

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