Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Details Emerge

Ever since the throaty voice of Max Von Sydow spouted his “Power of Christ compels you!” urgency across the trailer for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, we were hooked. Of course, if you were looking for any…you know…actual information about the title itself, there wasn’t much to be gleaned from the trailer. Simply that the game appears to be a more direct follow-up to the prophecies of Oblivion (the series’ previous title) than past chapters in the franchise, and that there are – or will be – dragons. This is now confirmed, as players will be filling the shoes of a dragonborn slayer tasked with defeating an infamous dragon god.

Now, however, the latest issue of Game Informer is about to hit stands with a first look at the upcoming title and details are beginning to spill out onto the internet like an overturned flagon of mead. Read on to find out about a few of the game’s newest features.

According to the NeoGAF boards, the series no longer restricts players to a set of skills defined solely by your class. Rather, players will have full freedom regarding which of the game’s 18 talents to level up. Various perks and rewards will be made available as you pump skill points into each new ability. Oh, my personable-yet-brutish assassin will murder and lockpick his roguish way through the world!

Additionally, dual-wielding has been added to the combat system with players now able to equip any weapon, spell or item to either hand individually. This will be helpful as the forums also state that the highly debated scaling system will be back, but in a more measured capacity, leaving at least some room for the badassery that comes with striking down formerly capable foes with a single swipe of your legendary blade. Using the “Radiant Storytelling” approach, the game will apparently keep track of where you’ve been and what you’re capable of, randomly re-locating quest objectives in less-visited, more difficult areas to keep the challenge high.

Further, the folks at CVG have quotes directly from Bethesda’s executive producer Todd Howard who reveals that weapon-specific finishing moves have also been added to the game. Howard states, “We wanted the pace of melee combat to be different…There has to be an energy and a joy to it. And we’re also interested in how the weapons feel in your hand.”

Check out back for more information once the magazine finally hits our hands!
via: G4

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