Fable 3 Understone DLC Available

So the Understone DLC for Fable 3 has been available for a minute now. The DLC opens up a new city located under Bowerstone(hence “Under”stone). It provides you with a new quest to open up the city and a few new weapons. The quest is a joke as far as difficulty goes. All you do is kill things while trying to find a voice, which isn’t hard at all you’re already a powerfull character like oh shall I say…A KING. And it only took like half an hour tops to complete. The new weapons aren’t really too much more powerfull than the default ones so that feels like a bit of a let down :'(

Even though the download is only $5 or 400 microsoft points it still feels like it’s now worth it. If you’re a hardcore fable fan then you’ll probably get it but if you’re on the fence you probably want to save you’re money for something else(like say the fallout new vegas dlc coming out later).

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Fable 3 Understone DLC Available, 9.7 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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