FBI struggling to recruit now that marijuana is legal


The inhabitants of Washington state can grow marijuana in their gardens and smoke it freely, while their neighbours, if employees of the federal government, diplomats or aspiring secret agents, mustn’t even sniff it. For employees of the CIA, FBI, State Department and government agencies, cannabis is off limits on pain of dismissal. But what are the side effects of such a strict ban?

FBI director, James Comey, admitted during a press conference that there are fewer and fewer candidates that meet the pre-requisite of spending three years without marijuana in order to join the ranks of the FBI, which is causing a serious shortage of staff. Reading between the lines, there is a need relax the restriction. This would not only help to recruit new staff but would be a real revolution.

Will this happen? Unlikely. Firstly because it must contend with strong opposition from members of Congress, who are mostly against any move to ease regulation on the matter. But especially because if the investigative body decides to go down this road, they will risk finding themselves isolated.

And not least because no other authorities or public agencies intend to take this route.The CIA, for example, would continue to require aspiring agents to abstain from any drug for at least one year prior to employment, as well as scrutinising candidates’ private lives. The State Department, meanwhile, doesn’t require candidate screening but it does carry out regular random tests, giving just a few hours’ notice.

The funny side of the story is that if government employees secretly consume or even grow marijuana at home and then invite their boss round to dinner, they have to declare that it’s their partner who is passionate about the drug.




source:  west-info.eu/

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