Federal agents raid third marijuana garden

Federal agents hit another marijuana garden Friday. Angry patients watched several dump trucks haul nearly 500 pounds of marijuana from a Table Rock property. “I think it’s disgusting and we’re being victimized,” patient Cynthia Williams said. This was the third raid in three weeks and medical marijuana supporters say it’s not going to stop.

“I’m not surprised—they said they were going to do one a week until all the big gardens are gone,” director of Southern Oregon Normal Lori Duckworth said. Duckworth says the growers were legal, with just over 100 plants. Now about 175 patients will go without their medicine. “This is a very sad day for Oregon,” she said. Federal agents are not commenting on the raid but say they are carrying out a federal warrant.

Medical marijuana is legal in Oregon, but against federal law. Many patients wonder why state leaders are not speaking out. “If they are meeting the state requirements and they are doing this then I would have a great concern,” state representative Andy Olson said. Olson says he did not know about the raids. He also says federal law overrides state law, but plans on looking into the situation.

“I’m going to contact the Drug Enforcement Agency and local sheriffs to find out what is going on,” he said. Southern Oregon Normal is planning a protest next Wednesday at noon. Organizers are inviting everyone to the rally. They are meeting at their 6th Street office at noon.

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