Federal Prosecutor Warns Rhode Island About Medical Marijuana

U.S. Attorney Peter Neronha has sent a letter – delivered yesterday – to Rhode Island Senator Lincoln Chafee, telling him that the state’s plans to license medical marijuana dispensaries will put them in conflict with federal law and will invite prosecution no matter what state law says, much like what is happening in Washington.  Rhode Island plans to open three – yes, three – medical marijuana dispensaries. Yet the feds react like RI plans on opening terrorists recruitment and training centers inside of just 3 cannabis pharmacies.  You would think 3 new businesses opening up would be a cause for celebration instead of a reason for prosecution. Maybe that’s why the economic “recovery” we are in is so hard to see.

The federal government seems enamored with making the states bend to their will. Whether it has to do with a President who is at odds with state’s rights or federal agencies who crave power, one thing is for sure: The federal government needs to be cleaned out; White House, Congress, even the Supreme Court. It is imperative that we come together and vote for candidates who oppose cannabis prohibition. Those who support prohibition are causing direct harm to this country, and causing violence to come to thousands of innocent people.  The federal government needs to be out of the business of dictating state policy. Aren’t we fighting wars all over the place and have tens of thousands of soldiers in harm’s way? Is not a massive national debt weighing us down and making us borrow trillions from China? Isn’t our economy struggling through a so-called recovery that is hampered at every turn by government incompetence and waste?

I guess not. Let’s worry about 3 dispensaries opening up in the smallest state in the country.

via : 420Times

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